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Pantheon Nexus Complete Longboard

Pantheon Nexus Complete Longboard

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Complete Includes:

The Nexus is our stiffest double drop longboard. It is low to the ground and easy to push, but it’s also stiff enough to handle just about any speed you could possibly throw at it, and it’s strong enough to manage very heavy riders edging toward 350 lbs. If you’re a heavyweight OR if you want to go fast on your double drop OR if you’re looking for an easy longboard to start learning more advanced skills like sliding, the Nexus is a perfect choice.

Picking a Complete

Because we like to ride the Nexus fast, our favorite complete for the Nexus consists of 165mm trucks in the 50/43 configuration. This puts a high degree turning truck in front, and a slightly lower degree in back for increased stability. This is ideal if you’re going to be riding your Nexus fast and especially on hills. For lower speeds and a smaller turning radius, choose the 50/50 options. Pair your Nexus with 165mm trucks to get as close to rail matching as possible, lining up the edge of your wheels with the edge of the deck.

Other configurations: Choose 165mm 50/50 for learning freeride techniques. Choose 165mm 43/43 for higher speed freeride. Either of these setups will allow you to pull 180s and easily ride switch.

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