Loaded Carver Bolsa C7 Complete

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Smooth and flowy.

Pump from a standstill! Incredibly loose and powerful, this setup lets you harness your inner surf god with video-game-like surf moves. You’ll find yourself connecting roundhouses and cutbacks that’ll make all the little old ladies smile.

Standard Carver C7 bushings (front) and medium/purple Orangatang Knuckle bushings (rear) pair with 70mm orange (soft, 80a) Orangatang 4President grippy wheels to yield a mind-bending range of surf-inspired motion. We recommend adjusting the spring tension on the C7 swingarm (by tightening or loosening the rear-facing bolt.

 Loaded Carver Bolsa deck
 Carver C7 front and C2 rear trucks
 Orangatang Knuckle bushings on the C2 rear truck (medium/purple)
 Orangatang 70mm 4President (80a, orange) wheels
 Loaded Jehu V2 bearings
 3/16” riser pads x 2 (3/8" total)
 Countersunk hardware (1.5”)
 Assembled on 17” wheelbase