Focus Banked Slalom 2020 at Tyrol Basin

Focus Banked Slalom 2020 at Tyrol Basin

First off thanks to the Tyrol crew for just crushing the course this year! Thanks to Everyone who raced and came out to make this a all time Banked Slalom. Thanks a bunch to Ben for all the timing help! This year was so smooth! Thanks Darrin, Jenny and all your helpers for setting up the gates. Thanks Ben and Screen Door Studio's for all the printing! Thanks Katie and Johanna for helping me with the timing! 

Thanks to the USASA team for bringing in special guest Nick Baumgrtner. You know his a good snowboarder when he drops in with out seeing the course and puts up one of the fastest runs of the day. Oh yeah and I thought he was a boarder crosser! Why is he still so fast switch!  Rad to have two Olypians on the course this year!! 

When going through the times to list each place I found that our 3rd and 4th place for Men's 40+ was mixed up and it should have been Jayson Henderson in 3rd and Seth Nicholson in 4th. Sorry for the mix up guys it was to tight for the computer to tell I guess. 

If you where top three in your age category but had to leave stop by the shop to pick up your prizes!!  

Have some good shots of the race? If they are on insta tag us or use the #focusbankedslalom otherwise feel free to send me some to add to the post. 

*update on 21-29 and 30-39 we had Jared in the wrong group. 


Over a hundred strong! 

women's 17+ 1st Liz Radke, 2nd Katie Rupple, 3rd Cami Streifel* Also 3rd switch overall!! 

Men's 15-20 2nd Miko Harper, 1st Dylan Veit* Fastest time over all categorys! 

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