Rome Katana Bindings 2020 Grey Grain

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Forged from space age materials and hewn into an ultra-light, minimalist package; the Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings are the weapon of choice for stealthy mountain missions of any kind. Fully customizable and built on Rome s surfy AsymWrap chassis, the Katana Snowboard Bindings are packed with tech to give modern freeriders the versatility, precision and control needed for everything from techy steeps to pow and park. Pick off your lines like a stone-cold assassin, the Katana Snowboard Bindings will stay sharp season after season.

Baseplate Tech

D30-Powered V-Rod SubBase Pad  D30 technology under the baseplate offers the highest level of impact absorption. Compared to standard EVA, D30 absorbs 30% more impact, resulting in a premium dampening for bigger drops and flatter landings.

AsymWrap Technology  The flex comes before the pop in this platform. With three points of heel hoop connection and Rome's UnderWrap concept at a single point on the medial side of the toe, the AsymWrap platform focuses on a smooth, flexible feel. This technology is for riders who like to surf freeride terrain and folks who like to tweak and play on freestyle features.

Yes, I Can't  An interchangeable footbed padding system lets you choose the level of canting on each binding. This brings you even more control and stability on the nose and tail of the board while giving your knees a little extra cushion.

Highback Tech

AsymChannel Highback  Powerful glass filled Nylon with a line of coring for a responsive flex pattern.

Full Highback Rotation  Riders have the ability to rotate the highback so it aligns with the heel edge of their board. Being able to adjust the highback provides better power transfer, more tweakability and proper edge hold.

Cant-In-The-Back II Technology  This technology offers detailed points of customization for those riders who want to optimize performance like you would by tuning the engine of a sports car. Since the angle of your lower leg changes with the width of your stance, Rome lets riders adjust highback canting to keep the highback in seamless contact with the back of your boot.

Tool-Free Highback Forward Lean Adjuster