Landyachtz ATV-X Ditch Life Dark Wave Longboard Complete

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Designed by team rider Mackenzie Yoshida, this board is perfectly suited to the epic concrete ditches he shreds regularly. It features a wide platform and plentiful concave to keep you locked on while skating sketchy terrain.

100% Canadian Maple

Canadian Maple is a strong and proven material used in the world’s best skateboards. We source only the finest veneers found in Eastern Canada.


Take your skating into the third dimension with a kicktail. We design our kicktails to work perfectly with each deck shape as well as with the truck and wheel setup on each complete.


The perfect middle ground, enough concave that you always feel glued to your board, but not too much to hurt your feet during a longer cruise.


Wheel wells reduce the risk of wheel-bite by increasing the gap between wheels and deck. Sanded or CNC’d wheel wells both allow for larger wheels or looser trucks, if desired.


2 layers of Wet Glass are laid to add strength and produce a lively ‘snappy’ flex pattern that stands the test of time, as does it's pop.