GNU ASYM B Nice BTX Snowboard 2018

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The B-Nice Asym BTX snowboard is an asymmetric intro for easy progression all over the mountain. Our premium technology is packed into a friendly twin progression stick for beginners to pros. This new B-Nice harmonizes with the asymmetry that is built into every human body. The asym core and deeper heel side sidecut enhance your natural turning mechanics for a nice, fun unreal experience on the snow. NOW ASYM! AWARD WINNING ERGONOMICALLY TUNED TECH AND PERFORMANCE FUN AND EASY IN ALL CONDITIONS AND TERRAIN

Board Features


BTX Banana Rocker: Rocker between your feet combined with mellow cambers out to the contact points.


Soft/Medium 5/10 Flex


Asym-Twin - An Asym Twin board means a deeper heelside side cut than the toeside side cut - which means faster heelside turns when rolling up to park features or when dodging trees, rocks or those pesky skiers. It's meant to balance out your turns. As you might know, toeside turns are typically faster than heelside because of the asymmetrical way your body is lined up on a snowboard, so this asymmetrical design helps balance this out by lining you up directly under your ankle and legs to offer a powerful direct connection to the heelside edge.


Aspen / Asym Columbian Gold Alloy: lightweight and sustainable. FSC certified.  


Tri-Ax /Bi-Ax: A glass and fiber reinforcement combination to give the snowboard a long life.


UHMW Sidewalls: Ultra high molecular weight exterior sidewalls made from soy based elastomer.


C0-Extruded Base


Magne Traction delivers unreal edge hold! 7 Strategically located and sized edge serrations provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions.