Burton DIY Throwback Snowboard 2018

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Shape your own piece of snowboarding’s history with this blank version of the original board for backyard fun.

The DIY Throwback invites you to bust out the jigsaw and shape your own backhill bomber. Creating the shape of your dreams is as simple as design, cut and ride. The FSC™ Certified wood is built with Biax fiberglass and an extruded base for turns wherever you choose to drop in. That said, the Throwback is not recommended for riding at resorts or on hardpack or icy conditions. Please consult your resort before riding The Throwback on their trails. Kids, consult your parents before using power tools.

Burton late winter 2018 release. 


Board Features

BEND Flat Top™

CORE FSC™ Certified Ply

FIBERGLASS Biax™ Fiberglass

BASE Extruded Base